Digital Monitoring

Protecting over 1 million students in the UK today, the software we use provides your school with the most comprehensive e-safety solution for keeping users safe online while allowing them access to all of the benefits of the online world. 

Smoothwall and Securus protects your students by monitoring, capturing and we alert you to potentially harmful content or behaviour allowing you to safeguard against online dangers such as inadvertent exposure to inappropriate websites, cyberbullying, grooming, online gambling, radicalisation and un-moderated chat rooms.

In accordance with the framework for school inspections issued by Ofsted (July 2014) regarding the safe use of new technologies it is essential that schools and colleges have a comprehensive e-safety policy in place and the right tools to provide the safest educational environment possible. Smoothwall or Securus coupled with ITS4all monitoring service offers a breakthrough in providing a safer learning environment without limiting the web experience, without excessive network management, and without significant costs or loss of learning opportunities. Available for Mac and PC and BYOD.

The service offered by ITS4all is an add-on to our partners, flexible e-safety solution. The service takes away the need for a school to have a senior person responsible for e-safety carrying out the required regular monitoring and grading of the captures.

As digital environments continue to transform and expand it is essential to provide the most flexible and dynamic solutions. ITS4all gives complete control by providing a whole environment solution which incorporates a wide range of devices including PC, Mac and iPad and BYOD ensuring that there is complete visibility of your digital environment regardless of device.

This is a fully scalable cost effective solution that allows you to tailor your e-safety environment and ensures that everyone in your network is protected from online dangers including harmful online behaviour such as cyberbullying; inappropriate discussion and messaging across social media platforms; abusive comments or offensive attitudes; racist, homophobic, extreme language or behaviour; inadvertent exposure to inappropriate web sites (pornography, violence, suicide, and radicalisation); deliberate access to inappropriate web sites; online gambling and shopping