Mr. Mathew Alcock - Headteacher - Caldecote Community Primary School
My feedback is simple –the service saves me potentially hours of additional work, is very cost effective, I am very happy with the service and do not have anything that I think should be changed or improved!!
In a nutshell – perfect.
Darren John - IT Network Manager – Keyham Lodge & Millgate Schools
It saves a huge amount of time. We would have to train up to understand and pick up on the screenshots, or appoint a specific MoS. By using ITS4all, the process becomes ‘automatic’.
To do this job effectively in-house, we would need a percentage of a Technician set a-side. We don’t have enough as it is, so you are well worth the money!
Very happy with the service. I like the fact that lines of communication are always open, and always honest.
I cannot think of anything that could improve the service at the moment.
Mr Paul Walton - Director of Inclusion & DSL - The Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School (Ealing)
Securus Assisted Monitoring has without doubt made our job far easier than it was previously and more importantly has enabled us to identify more concerns than we ever had before. Gone are the days where one of our IT technicians had to troll through dozens of false positive captures in order to identify genuine risky behaviour by our students online. Having Securus in operation 24 hours a day every day gives peace of mind to the designated safeguarding team, which is particularly important at a time when we have loaned out over 300 laptops to students and another one hundred to staff during this second period of remote learning. I would recommend this service to any school without hesitation.
Karen Duggan - Assistant Head Foundation Stage - Safeguarding Lead - Braunstone Frith Primary School
Does it save you time? Yes
Is it cost effective not having someone in school do the monitoring? Yes
Are you happy with the service? Yes, very
Is there anything ITS4all could do better? on the report get rid of the false positives as it looked like we had a lot of self-harm searches but after speaking with you, Chris, we actually didn't due to false positives. Or alternatively, run a report solely on student devices
Many thanks for all your help and advice for me this is an invaluable service
Bernie Ranzetta (Assistant Head - Inclusion) – Spinney Hill Primary School
AMS definitely saves you time, I can remember spending a fair bit of time on a Saturday deciding on false positives etc when we were monitoring in-school.
It Is very cost effective, allowing senior leaders to focus on other matters but also to deal with screen captures quickly and objectively as they come about.
We are really happy with the service; it has really helped with our safeguarding of pupils and also helps to pinpoint places in the school where the e-safety message is not as well delivered as it could be.
Is there anything ITS4all could do better? – obviously the screen captures take a snapshot but sometimes a bit more information would be useful to give a context e.g. seeing a conversation or activity that led up to or followed on from the capture or to see what else pupils were doing before they enter a swear word. Not sure if this is possible though.
Keep up the good work!