Web Filtering

ITS4all uses a web filter product in partnership with eSafety4schools that checks all Internet traffic, providing protection against malware, phishing and virus sites.
Each URL is checked and categorised in real time from the cloud so there are no on site servers or licence restrictions.
The Web Filtering can offer flexibility of deployment which allows as many or as few filtering policies as required. However for many schools, institutes, or businesses a fully managed service is more cost effective and does not require a Trained Technician. 

The ITS4all fully Managed Web Filtering Service has the advantage of shared policies which can be amended and applied across all schools quickly and efficiently.

Internationally, companies categorise all web sites e.g. sales sites, games sites, social networking, gambling, occult, pornography and many others. As an initial starting point these categories are appropriately switched on (blocking sites) or switched off (allowing sites) for each of the four filter groups in The Managed Service.


The policies are applied when a user logs onto a local network PC and are differentiated by role with the standard service providing 4 Web Filter Policies: Staff, Staff Plus, Primary and Secondary. 

The automatic categorisation of a site can sometimes be inaccurate e.g. blocking a games site that should be categorised as an educational games site, which is allowed. There are also many cases where sites can initially be blocked and in some cases allowed that should and need to be reversed. These sites need to be evaluated under the safeguarding umbrella and decisions taken based on the risk across all the schools in the service. 

Therefore the standard service provides full inspection of http sites and top level inspection of https sites and so does not require a security certificate to be installed on devices. Additional options for filtering are available including full HTTPS inspection which will require a certificate to be installed.


At all times the Web Filter is there to protect the most vulnerable people in the school – the pupils. Consequently there are some broad categories that are blocked at all levels such as; Adult Content; Gambling and Profanity. 

All bar the Staff Plus Filter Level also blocks Social Network sites and Remote Access Tools. The Primary Level blocks Sales Sites and Games in addition to a range of other inappropriate categories for Primary aged pupils. The Secondary and Staff levels have fewer blocked categories.

ITS4all manage all this for you, allowing you to continue with your primary function of teaching and learning.